About Me

Atul Panase

The he'art' of My

“Life is beautiful” for happy people. I can assure you it’s a lot more than that for a passionate ‘artist’, with my vivacious experience as one.

This rich and vibrant canvas of life inspires my imagination, invokes the artist in me and, at once, instills the paintbrush within my longing fingers.

Not only has Art helped me appreciate the grandeur of life but also experience the intricacy of its diverse dimensions. Art has become the very essence of my being today; a cord that connects me to my inner self; the mode of meditation and self-realisation I best know.

The Artist in Me - Atul Panase

Meet the Artist in Me

My journey as an Artist began shortly after I treaded the journey of life. It has been one of a zealous wanderer, thrilled at every new discovery in my path and yearning for ‘ever more excitement’ in the unknown curves that lie ahead. For, there’s always so much to learn, just so much more to explore.

I enjoy working with myriad mediums on the canvas; especially Watercolours, Inks, Pastels and Acrylic. I also enjoy experimenting with different forms of art, such as Portraits, Landscapes, Compositions, Sketches, Cartoons and Photography. I have a special liking for cartooning; sometimes I wonder if the joy one finds in this simple medium is above those in the more complex visual arts!

I have anchored the ship of my life in Dubai, enjoying my career as a self-employed artist, photographer and graphic designer. While art is my primary vocation, my means of earning a living, the best use of it I find is in service. I strongly believe that an artist who can communicate positive social change through his art form is indeed a true ‘artist’.

Though my inspiration in the pursuit of art has been my love for life, music and nature, the credit for my success as an established artist clearly goes to my family, friends, admirers and students.

This website is dedicated to them who supported me at every step of my career as an artist. I look forward to your valuable feedback about my work and also this website.